PRO.SVI.ROM consulting was founded in 1997, the only private company that has been consulting for many years and formally Uniexport Padova, multisectoral consortium of Unindustria Padova.  Our company enjoys a professional and technical heritage of a high level and is able to provide and perform a wide and complete range of services for companies in various sectors and fields particularly in the field due to an administrative account both highly competent staff and thanks to the collaboration with the best professionals in this field.

Our company counts among its clients prestigious companies and brand professionals from manifesting a strong and continuing contribution consisting of services and consulting.
PRO.SVI.ROM act in the manner capillary, from small firms to large ones, whether or multinational holdings, trying optimize and personalize all services.

Continue close cooperation and exchange of information with multiple university research groups in Italy and abroad, active collaboration with a network of correspondents in the countries of Eastern Europe, especially in Romania, ongoing contact with economic and social realities of the country, the key to success our organization.

Our goal is to promote companies abroad simplifying everything into a noun, boosting development and exchange opportunities between the economics and technological concrete in this way obtaining answers in the shortest time.

PRO.SVI.ROM, the services we offer is fully consolidated in Romanian local and national panorama, assuming significant importance in professional consulting and brokerage activities in the most important interchanges and public interest representing a benchmark for companies of all sizes and type.