• Ecological Department

    Ecological Department Prosvirom

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  • Consulting companies

    Pro.Svi.Rom company offers business services, financial and administrative management solutions. We have a specialized department for financial management and human resource companies.

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  • Financial Advisory

    Financial and accounting consulting services for companies that want to develop investment in Romania

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  • Market Analysis

    Market situations / present service levels and the possibility of development / commercial structures and possible alternatives / competition reports suppliers / customers

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Latest Opportunities

Large lots for construction

Agricultural land in Romania is much cheaper than in most European countries. However, our country creates difficulties for foreign farmers because of excessive break-surfaces.

Agricultural funds

Before EU accession, Romanian farmers could access European funds Phare, SAPARD program. After 1 January 2007, financial aid granted by other types of funds

Increased Durability

Sustainable development is defined by Brundtland Commission, as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

What opinion have our customers

Business Planner

Pro.Svi.Rom managed to meet all our requirements and submit test results in multiple ways to facilitate understanding of the complex relationships between the data that formed the basis of the studies. Especially appreciate the promptness Pro.Svi.Rom team responded to our requests and constant care to understand and meet customer requirements.

Business Planner

Cluj Investment

Customer focus, professionalism and constant desire to bring added value confirmed our choice and we are determined to strengthen long-term working relationship with Pro.Svi.Rom

Cluj Investment

Ro Investments

Collaboration with Pro.Svi.Rom brought much more than I had hoped. The organization and management of resources enviable result of our investment has been below expectations. Professional people I have met here and most importantly fair to the client that we represent. Congratulations to the entire team especially the manager and much continued success.

Ro Investments

Personalized services for your company

Investment Consulting
Pro.Svi.Rom team has over 15 years experience in real estate and industrial investments in Romania.
Financial Advisory
With financial department specialized Pro.Svi.Rom provides a complete financial management and accounting financial management.
Alternative Energy Projects
With a specialized portfolio of alternative energy projects implemented, we are available to implement a similar project.