The complete solution for your company's control of financial and organizational.



Professional Consulting Services : legal, economic, administrative, fiscal, accounting

  • Assistance in negotiations between companies.
  • Mergers, transformations, odds and liquidations.
  • Planning and changes in society.
  • Marketing Consultancy.
  • Formation of the company and how the various legal and tax formalities.
  • National and international representation company contract.
  • Assistance for the contract, the international law.

Administrative Services

Solutions for administration and management of administrative relationships with third parties and companies

  • Recruitment and staffing.
  • Market Research.
  • Industrial Studies.
  • Search collaborators.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Preparing administrative practices, licenses and permits.
  • The residence of the company.
  • Translations, translation assistance for technical documentation and plans.
  • Joint venture opportunity.

Accounting Services

Full-service financial consulting and accounting expertise for companies

  • Annual bookkeeping and periodicals.
  • Service record of payments.
  • Balances of accounts throughout the year.
  • Full accounting.
  • Accounting expertise.
  • Auditing.
  • Accounting Financial Consultancy.
  • Annual financial audit.
  • Basic accounting assistance.

Projects in agricultural sector

Technical assistance services for agricultural sector
Optimizing production costs
Acquisitions assistance


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Financing funds

Assistance in identifying and how to apply for public funding of regional, national and European Community
Support in managing relationships with local credit institutions


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Commercial and contractual advice of buying, restructuring and selling of real estate
Investment appraisal and feasibility studies
Real estate activities of sale and rent


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